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Why this blog?

A slide rule, the way we used to do it...

This blog is going to investigate and discuss various ways to use open source software (and sometimes ‘paid for’ software) to solve engineering/technical problems and then share those results with others.  Also, we’ll discuss various topics that might be interesting to engineers and other people in technical jobs .  I am a chemical engineer (PhD and registered professional engineer)  and have been struggling with how I stay ‘up-to-date’ with the latest techniques for solving engineering and other technical problems.  Hence, a blog.  It seemed like a really cool way to engage the ‘wisdom of crowds’ and others who are interested in honing their technical skills and working with open source software.  I have a full-time technical position and in a portion of my spare time,  I am a part-time faculty with the University of New Mexico and have been teaching on-line classes on MATLAB and Visual Basic.  A blog seemed to be a natural extension of the on-line approach.  Also, we need to promote technical careers in the United States.  With a weakening economy, issues with global climate change and potential shortages of resources like water and oil, people with solid technical training will be the leaders that solve these problems.  So, let’s get started with answering the question, ‘Why Python?’