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Solution of Equilibrium Equations – Solution

Solve the Problem:

Let’s see what the output of the program looks like:


As a check, I added up the mole fractions to ensure they add up to 1.0.  If they didn’t, something is wrong.  Let’s compare to the what Rosen and Adams calculated.

CH4 R&A = 0.226  EWP = 0.226

H2O R&A = 0.110  EWP = 0.110

CO R&A = 0.0997  EWP = 0.0997

H2 R&A = 0.512  EWP = 0.512

CO2 R&A = 0.053  EWP = 0.053

Tot R&A = 15.843  EWP = 15.843

Hmm, I would say the answers are the same.  They converged in 20 iterations with their spreadsheet.  We took a different approach and used a different solver and we got the same answer, so odds are is that it is correct.  Let’s do a batch distillation for our next problem and see if it is like the one we have already solved.  See you then.

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