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Solution of Equilibrium Equations – Solution

Solve the Problem: Let’s see what the output of the program looks like: As a check, I added up the mole fractions to ensure they add up to 1.0.  If they didn’t, something is wrong.  Let’s compare to the what Rosen and Adams calculated. CH4 R&A = 0.226  EWP = 0.226 H2O R&A = 0.110  […]

Solution of Equilibrium Equations – Problem Description

Reference: This is from E.M. Rosen and R. N. Adams, “A Review of Spreadsheet Usage in Chemical Engineering Calculations”, Computers and Chemical Engineering, Vol. 11, No. 6, pp. 723-736, but they took it from Henley and Rosen, “Materal and Energy Balance Computations”, Wiley, NY 1969 pg. 376.  I will also be using information from C. […]

Reversible, Exothermic, Gas Phase Reaction in a Catalytic Reactor – Solution

Solve the problem: Okay, let’s open our IPython window, pull up our script and run to see what happens.  We should see the following plot. Where is the plot for x and y?  This only has the temperature.  Hmmm, well, the range for x is only from 0.0 to 1.0 and the temperature in the […]

Reversible, Exothermic, Gas Phase Reaction in a Catalytic Reactor – Programming Approach

Plan your solution: Draw a picture, in this case, list all of your data and equations Remember the fundamentals (material and energy balances, equations of state) and apply Draw your material or energy balance envelope (catalytic reactor) Remember [Accumulation = In – Out + Source/Sink] Think about what you need to do and the answer […]

Reversible, Exothermic, Gas Phase Reaction in a Catalytic Reactor – Problem Description

Reference: This is problem 8.24 in “Problem Solving in Chemical Engineering with Numerical Methods” by Michael Cutlip and Mordecai Shacham, Prentice-Hall ISBN 0-13-862566-2.  In this problem, you will be designing a gas phase catalytic reactor with a pressure drop to accomplish a reversible gas phase reaction. Concepts: Solve a system of ordinary differential equations with […]