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Install Pylab (Python/Scipy/Matplotlib/IPython) on a Mac OS

 How do you install Pylab on a Mac? As you all know, earlier in the blog, I posted instructions on installing Pylab (Python/Scipy/Matplotlib/IPython) on Windows and Linux systems.  I use both in the course of my job and teaching.  I used a Mac many years ago, but I had to use specialized software that wasn’t […]

Compare Different Software Packages for Solving ChE Problems

Compare Python to other software packages You should decide.  Since we want to solve problems, it is fair to compare various ‘packages’ so that you can choose the best one for your application.  That is why I have picked these particular problems  for this series of posts.  If you go to this link: Polymath Software […]

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How to Setup Python for Engineering (Short Version)

I’m going to share some websites and download links to help you get started setting up python to help you solve some engineering problems.  It may seem a little short, but I like simple and short.  I guess growing up in the early TV generation, my attention span is  short.  So, here we go:

Why write a blog about engineering, python or engineering with python?

Well, why not?  With bad news about the economy, worries about global climate change, food supplies running low and all other kinds of bad news, it seemed as though talking about actions that could begin to fix some of these issues might be appropriate.  Engineering is all about fixing things.  Python is all about making […]